Tuesday, July 14, 2009


According to translation experts (or guys on the internet), Bosnia is reacting with mixed emotions about Asmir Begovic after coming on with our radio show on Sunday night. One report states:

Asmir Begovic, goaltender for Portsmouth has again arrived at the center of attention for sports journalism in our country. This Trebinje-born player has recently promised Miroslav Blazevic that he will play for the national team of Bosnia & Hertzegovina, but he has clouded things with his announcement for one Canadian radio station stating how he still is thinking about Canada's national team!

As it is common knowledge, Begovic wore the jersey of the youth Canadian team, but according to the new rules of FIFA he has gained the right to change his sports citizenship.

We discovered that [he has] already "started" the procedure where he will change his sports citizenship and his declaration about how he wishes to play for Bosnia has already gone to FIFA. This has been confirmed to us by Munib Usanovic, general secretary of the National Bosnian Football team.

"Ten days ago, we talked with his father and with Asmir and he signed a declaration about the change of his sports citizenship, that is, he confirmed that he wishes to play for Bosnia. The completed documentation was sent by us to Zurich, and in the procedure is also the taking out of Begovic's passport" said Usanovic, who was surprised by Asmir's announcement on Canadian radio:

"I don't know what he means, but something is suspicious, considering that in recent days Begovic has not been answering the calls from our Federation."

It is certainly very confusing. On one hand, Asmir tells us that he hasn't done anything but spoken to Bosnia but insists he still wants to respresent Canada. On the other, they say that he has already begun the process of becoming a Bosnian national squad player. We'll try and dig more into this story and find out more.


Anonymous said...

Youre either a canadian or youre not.
If not, eff off.
Its not like soccer goalies dont grow on trees.
Self respect on the other hand doesnt.

Youre not sure if you are canuck?
Then you are not one.
This is not something you have to mull over.

And by the way, Im not born in this country.

Anonymous said...

I respected this guy when he declared that he wants to play for Bosnia, as any Bosnian would. Everybody was talking about him and how good of a goalie he is, but now that Asmir doesen't know what he wants. I can guarantee he is gonna be booed by Bosnian fans, if he ever plays for the national team.

Anonymous said...

Guys please... I'm Bosnian born American. I love US but I would die for Bosnia. Majority of Bosnians lost a family member in recent war, so if I was a player, changing sport citizenship would be a small price to pay.
This is also very complicated matter for him considering his fammily might live in Canada.
Now, if you all remember what Vedad Ibisevic told NY Times about playing for US if anybody would just invite him to the squad but he ended up playing for Bosnia. Miralem Pjanic declined Franch citizenship prior to moving to Lyon. So, It is a matter of pride. Also take in account the fact that Bosnia lost maybe one of the best players in Zlatan Ibrahimovic. There is a lot of pressure on Bosnian Football Assosiation to make sure "Ibrahimovic" doesn't happen again.
From another perspective, with all due respect to Canada, these players also see a realistic chance of making the WC. As incomprehensive as this sounds for a small country of 4.5 million people, Bosnia in recent qulifiers eather needed a piont or a win to make the WC or EC but this time we are closer than ever. If Begovic decides to play for Canada after all I personally will not change my opinion of him. He is jung good goalie with a lot of potencial.
We will be talking about this a lot in the future since bosnian media constantly reports of new upcoming bosnian born kids in US and Canada, like Mahir Hadziresic who is 17 from Ot­tawa Fury and is moving this summer to West Ham or Nurdin Hrustic who is moving from Jacksonville FL to Borussia Dortmund. As I pointed out before, changing the sport citizenship is a small price to pay for any of these guys. If you love your country as You should than you would understand.