Friday, March 27, 2009

Dale Mitchell has been fired

The Canadian Soccer Association has fired Dale Mitchell as coach of national men's soccer team.

`We are committed to the future of our men's national team program,' CSA president Dominic Maestracci said in a statement. `We have made this decision to move the program in a new direction.'

Mitchell, 50, was named Canadian coach May 17, 2007.

There was no immediate word on Mitchell's replacement.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Kara Lang finds a home

Former Vancouver Whitecap Kara Lang has found a new home. She has joined the Pali Blues Soccer Club, USL-W League. Pali Blues were the winner of the 2008 W-League championship in just its first season of play. The 22-year-old Lang is already the fourth all-time leading scorer in Canadian National Team history and will be looked at to provide some offense for the Blues.

"Kara will provide us with versatility and athleticism that is second to none,” Blues head coach Charlie Naimo remarked. “She also brings Olympic and World Cup experience to the table and at a very young age. Kara will most likely play a variety of roles for us this season."

Kara Lang will make her return to Vancouver to face the Whitecaps on Sunday, June 7, with the return match Tuesday, June 23rd down in California.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Europeans are coming!!

Chelsea FC, Inter Milan and AC Milan are heading for North America this summer as part of the World Football Challenge. Club America is the other team involved. Nothing in Canada just yet, but we know that the Alberta Soccer Association was hoping to bring Inter Milan to their city. Chelsea will play Seattle Sounders FC on July 18th, so perhaps some of the other clubs will be searching for friendlies against MLS or USL teams while they are here.

Montreal had been rumoured to be trying to find a major team to play a friendly at the Big 'O'. The Whitecaps, already making one big news story this year may also be looking for a friendly this summer.

The schedule is below:

-Sunday, July 19th- Club America vs. Inter Milan (Stanford Stadium, Palo Alto, California)

-Tuesday, July 21st- Chelsea FC vs. Inter Milan (Rose Bowl, Pasadena, California)

-Wednesday, July 22nd- AC Milan vs. Club America (Georgia Dome, Atlanta)

-Friday, July 24th- AC Milan vs. Chelsea (M&T Bank Stadium, Baltimore)

-Sunday, July 26th- AC Milan vs. Inter Milan (Gillette Stadium, Foxborough, Mass.)

-Sunday, July 26th- Chelsea FC vs. Club America (Cowboy Stadium, Arlington, Texas)

Monday, March 23, 2009


Ticket deposits for the 2011 Vancouver MLS franchise are going fast, in fact, they are completely gone. The Caps have sold out of the 5,000 available in a little less than 48 hours.

According to the Vancouver Whitecaps, Canada's other MLS franchise, Toronto FC, was announced back on May 11, 2006. On August 25, 2006 they announced that they had sold 3,000 season ticket deposits and at the start of 2007 they were at 7,000.

The seating configuration for BC Place has yet to be determined, but it's expected that the Lower Bowl will hold approximately 20,000, with the ability to expand to the upper decks.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

CONTEST: We have a winner(s)!!

We had this question on the radio show... now we are bringing it to the blog. The question is: Who was the first ever Whitecaps goalscorer? ... email us at and we'll make a draw with all the correct answers...

hint... It was in their 1st season and like Bobby Lenarduzzi, he wore the short shorts...

Email your answer along with the following information:

Phone Number:
Ruffneck Scarf of choice:

Pick your scarf here

We have a winner in our contest... a couple of them in fact. The answer is: Neil Ellett. he scored the first goal against the San Jose Earthquakes back on May 4th, 1974. Congrats to the winners.

A lot of people suggested Dominic Mobilio and Carl Valentine, but the Whitecaps history starts before those two players hit the pitch for the 'Caps.

Derby County adds Jeff Mallett to ownership group

In case you missed it... as Full-Time reported on March 18th, 2009, Jeff Mallett owns part of Derby County.

I know Jeff owns part of Derby County now, but Vancouver does not need a visit from the Rams.

Vancouver MLS Tickets going fast...

Ticket deposits for the 2011 Vancouver MLS franchise are going fast. At 4pm PT, the 'Caps had secured 4,750 deposits, closing in on the 5000 available. Add that to the current 2,200 season tickets holders and the Whitecaps will be at just over 7,000 MLS tickets gone. Just 4 days after the announcement, Vancouver is looking solid with regards to tickets.

Canada's other MLS franchise, Toronto FC, was announced back on May 11, 2006. On August 25, 2006 they announced that they had sold 3,000 season ticket deposits and at the start of 2007 they were at 7,000.

The seating configuration for BC Place has yet to be determined, but it's expected that the Lower Bowl will hold around 20,000, with the ability to expand to the upper decks.

Fans wanting to get a deposit for 2011 can still get tickets here.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Sunday at 10pm on Full-Time on the TEAM 1040

It's an expansion recap. We'll look back on the MLS expansion process and speak with Whitecaps President Bob Lenarduzzi about the successful bid for Vancouver. We'll also hear from MLS Commissioner Don Garber and Whitecaps owners Steve Nash and Jeff Mallett.

Plus giveaways galour: A Setanta prize pack and a Ruffneck Scarf of your choice with Ruffneck trivia.

It all gets underway at 10pm on TEAM 1040 Sports Radio in Vancouver. Listen online at

Vancouver Whitecaps Preview

The Vancouver Whitecaps are coming off a USL-1 Championship in 2008, but it will be a far different squad this season than the one that won last season. Gone are veterans Eduardo Sebrango, Jeff Clarke, Alfredo Valente and Steve Kindell. New to the squad are Canadian defender Marco Reda, and midfielder Ansu Toure. Martin Nash takes over as club captain. It will be a younger and hungrier squad than last year, and Whitecaps FC President Bob Lenarduzzi thinks the team will be ready to start the season: “All our training is just a means to an end, to be at our best when we begin the season.”

On the pitch, the Whitecaps’ biggest struggle will be scoring goals after losing Eduardo Sebrango and Nicholas Addlery, last season’s top two goal scorers. The pressure is on 2008 USL-1 Final MVP Charles Gbeke to pick up the goal scoring slack, while Canadian Marcus Haber and Vincentian Marlon James will also feel pressure to provide goals for the Whitecaps this season.

Jay Nolly will be between the posts for Vancouver again this season and will anchor head coach Teitur Thordarson’s solid backline. The outlook for the Whitecaps is a playoff berth, but unless the Whitecaps re-discover their scoring touch, it will be a short playoff run with no hope of a Championship repeat in ‘09.

Sounders home opener

Thoughts on the Sounders 3 - 0 win over New York Red Bulls.

- Fredy Montero was terrific, the Man of the Match material. He played well up front with Nate Jaqua (BTW - Mike secretly now has a crush on Nate after seeing hm with his shirt off). It was a really good mix of speed and height and Sigi Schmid was very complementary to both of them after the game. Let's be honest though, New York's back four were terrible last night, so over the next couple of games will give the true picture of what we'll actually see from Montero and Jaqua, but if yesterday was an indication, Seattle fans have something to cheer about.

- The 'Sound Wave' band is kind of neat. They didn't overwhelm you at the game, which was a worry. I would suggest sticking them up in the Hawks Nest rather than behind the net.

- Seeing 32,500 fans raise their scarves was very cool. I think the fans still need to improve, as there were times when the fans at the game just made noise rather than sing and chant. The fans also seemed like, at times, they needed direction from guys like Drew Carey telling them to raise their scarf. Many in attendance also "ooh" and "ahh" at perhaps the wrong times in the match, but maybe that is just being Euro soccer snobbish. The fans will improve, the amosphere which was great and that should continue too. Remember though, that's 32,500 for the first game ever... what's the 2nd, 3rd or 4th game going to look like? I'm curious to see if the capacity could continue. I haven't been to a game at BMO Field (I tend to try and stay away from Toronto as much as possible) but I have seen on TV and have been told by people who have been, that TFC fans are some of best, if not the best, in the league, so perhaps seattle can learn a few things from them.

- We had the privilege of sitting next to the gang from ESPN Deportes. The funniest part of the night might have been when Fredy Montero scored his second goal of the game and the ESPN Deportes crew started cheering, screaming and basically became rowdy, which lead to the PR staff announce, "I would like to remind members of the media to refrain from cheering in the Press Box area."

- The ESPN Deportes crew and I also enjoyed the Press Box buffett dinner. Which consisted of hot dogs, chips and salad. One member of the Deportes crew grabbed two hot dogs, I followed along, which he liked because he said it didn't make him look fat. Then suggested if someone were to get mad at us, he didn't speak english and I only spoke french. We got away scott free!! He also mocked me for having a big plate of salad. If you haven't heard, "Grass is for cows to eat, not people."

- Last thing, MLS Commish Don Garber and MLS PR man Dan Courtemanche probably think that Full-Time is stalking the two of them. We chatted on Wednesday in Vancouver after the official Vancouver 2011 announcement, followed that up with halftime at the Sounders game. We joked that we would be seeing them in Portland on Friday morning and then back in New York on Saturday afternoon.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Dale Mitchell... sounds like he's DONE

Got a chance to chat with Canadian Mens' National Team Coach Dale Mitchell at the Whitecaps announcement.

I asked Dale if he had a moment to speak. He said he would only talk Whitecaps. I quickly mentioned the CMNT. He had nothing to say.

Cue awkward pause.

I think we know his job status.


Vancouver to MLS in 2011... News from Garber and Derby County

Well, the worst kept secret in the history of North American soccer was finally revealed yesterday. Vancouver will join the MLS in 2011.

While I'm really happy Vancouver will move forward to "big league soccer" and continue to grow, it still kinda bothers me that it worked out to be a process of elimination. Seven cities, all the way down to four, with two spots open. From the beginning, Vancouver's bid led the way. It's just a shame, that - for example - they didn't beat out Miami, or have a better bid-book than Montreal. I asked MLS Commissioner Don Garber if he had any regrets about all the bids dropping out and not making a decision far sooner than now. He said that time was needed for the process. I say, what else is he supposed to say? I truly believe that had Garber made a decision (say around the MLS Cup in November), then the league would've come across a bit more professional (from a soccer/expansion bid-operations standpoint), and a little more rich (2 franchises at that time would have netted $80 million).

In the end, Vancouver won via last-man standing. The way things shook down, it looked more like the MLS desperately needed Vancouver... far more than Vancouver needed Major League Soccer.

Seven cities, down to four, with three of the four facing big questions. Meaning, the other city selected with the least amount of uncertainty will be chosen. All that being said, Garber basically confirmed that Portland will be announced on Friday (March 20). When I asked Garber about the rumblings coming from Portland, he grinned and said, "Portland remains a viable option...," and then quietly giggled like a little school-girl.

Some of the other things that came up on Wednesday...

- Nobody appeared to care to ask Don Garber how much Vancouver paid for their franchise. The MLS long stated that the $40 million expansion fee was non-negotiable. Montreal and Joey Saputo basically said, "Hey Garbs, you're crazy." Miami and Atlanta bailed because of the fees. Because I felt Vancouver really had the ball in their court, I figured they could have offered the MLS a Starbucks gift-card. No... not to be. $35 million was paid. Vancouver saves $5 million from the original demands.

- Garber says that Montreal remains a possibility down the road... but I really get the sense he dislikes Joey Saputo. Saputo and Montreal called him out. I don't think the commish will forget that.

- All this talk about the franchise not going with the name "Whitecaps" is crap. The name will live. It sounds like the MLS will try and stay away from it (ties to NASL, USL, etc...) for the time being. But at the end of the day (figure of speech, actually months from now), it will certainly be Vancouver Whitecaps FC.

- Vancouver co-owner and former Yahoo! President and COO Jeff Mallett is an incredibly nice guy. He stopped to chat with anybody and everybody. He also promised to join Full-Time in the near future. But Mallett revealed some other big news. He's now one of the newest owners at Derby County of the English League Championship. Of course Calgary billionaire and CBC's Dragon's Den panelist W. Brett Wilson is a part of Derby's ownership group. Mallett wasn't certain, but he thinks the club may now be completely owned by Canadians. The relationship between Derby and the Whitecaps could definitely be something to look for down the road.

- Vancouver's other co-owner and soccer saviour Greg Kerfoot is still unbelievably mysterious.


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Montreal Impact Preview

The Montreal Impact had a disappointing end to the 2008 season losing to the Vancouver Whitecaps in the Semi-Finals of the USL-1 playoffs, but a berth in the CONCACAF Champions League has made up for that. It has also provided the Impact with the opportunity to be fit and in form earlier than normal, having played CONCACAF Champions League games early in 2009. The addition of Eduardo Sebrango from the Whitecaps, the league’s 3rd ranked goal-scorer in 2008, will surely help Montreal make an impact in 2009. “He’s a great teammate,” says Montreal’s Joey Gjertsen. “I think everyone can expect big things from Sebrango.” The Impact has a lot of positives this season with a very strong defense and potent offense, something that isn’t lost on Gjertsen: “We have a solid defense and have been scoring in bunches in pre-season, so things look good.”

Montreal’s biggest concern may in fact be burn-out. Pre-season training in Italy, followed by CONCACAF Champions League play prior to the start of the season, could weigh heavily on the squad as the season progresses. Despite the potential fatigue factor, the Montreal Impact will compete for the USL-1 regular season title with a long playoff run in their future. If the Impact can put it all together, Montreal will be a strong candidate for 2009 USL-1 Champions.

Next Preview: Vancouver Whitecaps FC


Steve Nash Charity Soccer Classic IS Coming September 19th

Full-Time told you about the event in early March. This is an update of sorts, as this year, Steve Nash’s Showdown Series will visit Los Angeles and New York as well as Vancouver.

The match will include appearances by fellow NBA stars, some of soccer’s best players and other celebrities.

Toronto FC hits the radio airwaves

Toronto have been on TV over the last few years, but now listeners will be able to catch all the action on the radio airwaves and the Fan 590. Here's the release:

March 17, 2009


Toronto FC announced Tuesday that the club has teamed up with Toronto’s 24 hour sports radio station The FAN 590 to broadcast every game this season. With the team heading into their third season in Major League Soccer, this will mark the first time Toronto FC games will be broadcast on the radio in the team’s history.

The FAN 590 will broadcast all 30 games on the schedule. Fifteen games will be broadcast live in their entirety, with two to be joined in progress. The remaining thirteen games will air on The FAN’s website

“We’re happy to have secured the radio coverage our supporters have been asking for,” said Tom Anselmi executive vice president and chief operating officer of Maple Leafs Sports & Entertainment Ltd. This agreement further extends our deal with The FAN and Rogers Media to another one of our sports properties.”

The first broadcast will air this Saturday, March 21 as Toronto FC travels to Kansas City to take on the Wizards as they open their 2009 MLS regular season. The broadcast will get underway at 8 p.m. ET with the Dan Dunleavy handling the play-by-play and former Canadian National team member Bob Iarusci serving as Analyst.

- People in the rest of Canada will probably recognize Dunleavy's voice from doing the World jr. hockey Championships for the Fan radio network.

Whitecaps get MLS tomorrow

Tomorrow, The Vancouver Whitecaps FC will be officially announced as the 17th MLS franchise and begin play in 2011... the official announcement will take place at 10:15am on Wednesday, March 18th, 2009 at the Westin Bayshore Hotel.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Podcast - Randy Edwini-Bonsu and Rohan Ricketts

Full-Time: Vancouver's Soccer Show was joined by Whitecaps youngster and U-20 Canadian National team member Randy Edwini-Bonsu to talk about the U-20 CONCACAF Championships and discussed what he hopes to bring to the Whitecaps this year.

Plus, Toronto FC's Rohan Ricketts previewed the upcoming season for the TFC and gave us his thoughts on the David Beckham saga. Ricketts also talked about his involvement in the Athletes for Africa.

Download the podcast with itunes here.

Or if you don't have itunes, you can get the podcast here.

Former Whitecaps and current Esbjerg fB defender Adrian Cann will join Tyler and Mike in the weeks to come. Stay tuned for details.

Seattle Sounders F.C. Preview

On the West Coast, it’s the first season in the MLS for the Seattle Sounders FC, who will play at Xbox Pitch at Qwest Field in front of 22 thousand season ticket holders wearing the team’s green and blue colours. Things have been great off the pitch for the Sounders. They’ve been incredibly successful with season tickets sales and their sponsorship campaign, which includes a $20 million shirt sponsorship deal with Xbox 360.

The Sounders’ success off the field may translate to the field with a trip to the playoffs. The team make-up includes designated player and former Arsenal midfielder Freddie Ljungberg, solid goalkeeper Kasey Keller, and the 2008 MLS championship coach Sigi Schmid. Three young players add to the mix: Sebastien Le Toux, who had 14 goals in USL-1 in 2008; Nate Jaqua, who picked up 4 goals in 14 appearances for the Houston Dynamo; and Osvaldo Alonso, the USL-1 rookie of the year in 2008. About the players, goalkeeper Kasey Keller states, “Good experience and a mix of good youth – who knows what will happen.” Add to that playing in a weaker conference, and the Seattle Sounders are looking at the MLS playoffs.

Although questions remain for Seattle, including Ljungberg’s form on return from injury and whether Keller, at age 39, can last an entire season, Schmid's coaching resume should keep Seattle competitive throughout the season. Regardless, with a packed house and an in-stadium band called the "Sound Wave," Seattle fans should have a fantastic time in 2009.
-Coming up next: Montreal Impact

Friday, March 13, 2009

Toronto FC Preview

Toronto FC is attempting to make the playoffs for the first time in team history in 2009. It will be helped by a strong offense; however, its struggles in defense may hamper its chances.

Toronto FC looks to have a strong offense heading into the 2009 season after struggling in 2008. The addition of Canadian National Team member Dwayne De Rosario will provide a steady presence in the midfield and, alongside Ricketts and Guevara, will supply the forwards with plenty of offensive opportunities. Danny Dichio, when playing, will be well placed to capitalize on these opportunities – he led Toronto with 5 goals in a concussion- and injury-filled 2008 season. Chad Barrett may be able to step up this season after showing promise last year by scoring 4 goals in 13 games and will be starting alongside Argentine forward Pablo Vitti. The new off-season signing of Vitti failed to impress in his home country and the TFC brass are hoping that he can put it together in the MLS.

Defense is the biggest question for the club in 2009. Canadian defender Adrian Serioux is an upgrade on Tyrone Marshall (now with Seattle), but fellow Canadian Kevin Harmse and Serioux will not instill fear in opposition forwards in the powerful Eastern Conference.

In 2009, TFC fans have plenty of reasons to be excited. “At the very least, we will be in the playoffs,” says TFC’s Rohan Ricketts; “I’ll bet my house we’re in the playoffs.” A revamped Toronto FC roster will give head coach John Carver a chance to reach the postseason for the first time in the team’s short history and, if things come together on the defensive end, the chance to make a run in those elusive MLS playoffs.

- coming up next: Seattle Sounders F.C.


Whitecaps to Get MLS Expansion Team as Soon as Wednesday

TEAM 1040 has learned that MLS officials will be in Vancouver next week to announce that Vancouver is one of two organizations that will be awarded a 2011 expansion franchise.

Meanwhile, in an interview with the NY Times, MLS Commissioner Don Garber says:

Q: You had questions concerning the level of potential fan support in Miami. Does the success in Seattle and Toronto create unrealistic expectations about the interest new teams can realistically hope to receive?

A: The success of Seattle and Toronto is helping drive interest from new investors. In this environment, to go into a new market that hadn’t really shown the same energy that we’re seeing in Vancouver and Portland, for example, wasn’t worth the risk. I think I got one email from a fan after we announced we weren’t going forward in Miami. One email! I’m not saying we won’t look at Miami at some point in the future, but when you have to narrow it down to two cities, you go with the ones you think will be most successful. That’s ultimately what we’re coming down to as we race to announce our next two teams.

The result:
Word is that Garber will make the official MLS announcement on Tuesday in front of all the U.S. Media (and Canadians that have made the trek down the I-5) in Seattle and then come up to Vancouver for Wednesday to do a press conference for the media that didn't make it down.

Previews... coming soon

Coming soon, I will be previewing the upcoming season for Toronto FC, Vancouver Whitecaps FC and Montreal Impact. Plus, I will also preview the Seattle Sounders FC since they are just down the road from us here in Vancouver.

Look for the first preview of TFC later today.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Canada fall 3 - 1 to England in Cyprus Cup

Carolina Morace got off to a good start as coach of the Canadian Women's National team, unfortunately they fell a few goals short in the Cyprus Cup in 2009 losing to England 3 - 1. England recovered from an early scare after Christine Sinclaire scored her 99th goal as the Three Lions scored three goals and defeated Canada 3 - 1.

Despite dominating the early possession Hope Powell's side fell behind on 14 minutes, when a defensive mix-up allowed Christine Sinclair to take full advantage and give the Canadians a surprise lead, prodding the ball over Rachel Brown.

With the European Championship beginning in August, this result will instil a confidence in the Three Lions that they can achieve victory in a tournament environment and an unbeaten Cyprus Cup campaign will further boost their hopes of major success in Finland.

Canadian 'keeper Karina LeBlanc was impressive between the posts for Canada. The Canadians played better in the second half, but couldn't stop the dominance that England was showing throughout the match, eventually, the Three Lions lifted the Cyprus Women’s Cup.

Canada now moves on to face Japan on May 25th at BMO field in Toronto.

England: 1 Rachel Brown, 2 Alex Scott, 3 Casey Stoney, 4 Fara Williams (C), 5 Anita Asante, 6 Steph Houghton, 7 Karen Carney, 8 Jill Scott, 9 Lianne Sanderson (16 Eniola Aluko, 71), 10 Kelly Smith, 11 Sue Smith

Canada: 1 Karina LeBlanc, 17 Brittany Timko, 2 Emily Zurrer,10 Martina Franko (23 Sasha Andrews, 46), 3 Melanie Booth, 19 Kelly Parker, 6 Kaylyn Kyle, 8 Diana Matheson, 5 Chelsea Stewart (16 Marie Eve Nault, 46), 12 Christine Sinclair, 14 Melissa Tancredi

England 3-1 Canada

England: Sanderson 32, K Smith 40, Williams 45+1

Canada: Sinclair 14

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What I predict the Whitecaps can do, not what they will do...

This is all just speculation, but here's what I can see the Whitecaps doing with regards to their Residency Program. As mentioned before, Whitecaps President Bob Lenarduzzi told Full-Time, "it is an important aspect of our club. What we are discussing with the league is their current model and how we can continue to pursue our desire to develop players."

I know the Whitecaps would like to keep their Residency Program. At this, the MLS doesn't have anything in place that would support it, so in order to get into the MLS, they may have to get rid of it. But would they actually get rid of it? Here's what I see happening in my hair-brained scheme... Victoria will move into the USL-1 in 2011, taking over the spot previously held by the Vancouver Whitecaps, and in doing so, will also take control of the residency program (although still run by the same group of people that had been controlling it before).

Both the Victoria Highlanders FC and Vancouver Whitecaps FC would benefit, building talent from within while growing soccer in the province of BC. The model is obviously working, just look how many Whitecaps were on the U-20 Canadian squad. So there's my hair-brained scheme. Would it work? who knows... but it's worth exploring.

Portland approves that stadium plan

It was a long tiresome day in the city of Portland as they endlessly debated the stadium issue, but in the end, with a 3-2 score, I mean vote, city politicians approved the stadium plan. So what does this all mean? It means that Portland will likely be announced as the 18th or 17th franchise in the MLS, with Vancouver being the other 17th or 18th franchise.

Vancouver and Portland will set up a nice little rivalry with Seattle and they can re-create the Cascadia Cup that was so successful in the USL-1 days. It also allows Portland to try and build a solid rivalry with San Jose. Vancouver will build on the rivalry with Toronto FC as the two Canadian franchise and a national TV deal.

Rumours are that St. Louis will then gladly accept a USL-1 franchise. I guess that's better than no professional soccer at all.

Meanwhile, pure speculation has Victoria, BC landing a 2011 USL-1 team which formerly inhabited Vancouver. More on that later.

Canada goes down to Costa Rica

Canada lost 2 - 1 to Costa Rica and are now out of the U-20 CONCACAF Tournament and won't be heading for Egypt. Things certainly improved from the last time around and the play of Randy Edwini-Bonsu has to have the Whitecaps excited that they may have a goalscoer to replace Eduardo Sebrango.

Next up, the Canadian women take on England tomorrow for the Cyprus Cup. Hopefully the ladies can win and Christine Sinclair picks up 2 more goals to reach 100. How cool would it be if the game winner was her 100th?

And the 2009 MLS Cup winner is? Seattle

Here's the official release:

NEW YORK and SEATTLE (Wednesday, March 11, 2009) – Seattle Sounders FC and the passionate soccer fans in the Pacific Northwest will host Major League Soccer’s premier event, MLS Cup 2009, at Qwest Field on Sunday, Nov. 22 at 8:30 p.m. ET (live on ESPN).

Even before their debut match in Major League Soccer, Seattle Sounders FC already have attracted a large fan base. The club has sold more than 20,000 season ticket packages, which now include a ticket to MLS Cup 2009, the League’s 14th annual championship game. Seattle kicks off its inaugural season on March 19 in the opening game of the 2009 Regular Season.

“The city of Seattle and Qwest Field will be a tremendous setting for our country’s marquee soccer event of the year,” MLS Commissioner Don Garber said. “The stadium was designed with soccer in mind and we believe the buzz surrounding Sounders FC will add to the electricity at our championship game. We hope to see supporters clubs from all around the League join us in the Emerald City in November, regardless of which two teams advance to the final.”

Qwest Field will become the eighth stadium to host Major League Soccer’s championship game. Qwest Field is quickly becoming one of the nation’s premier soccer venues as the stadium has hosted numerous large-scale soccer events including exhibition matches for the national teams of Brazil, China, Mexico, Canada, and Venezuela, as well as exhibitions for some of the world’s top clubs including Manchester United, Real Madrid, Celtic and Chelsea FC. Qwest Field also was a host venue for the 2005 CONCACAF Gold Cup and will serve as a host venue for the 2009 CONCACAF Gold Cup.

"This is a tremendous honor and reward for our season ticket holders and an added incentive for our coaches and players," said majority owner Joe Roth.

MLS Cup is the pinnacle of professional soccer in the United States, as a nearly eight-month long journey ends with one team being crowned the champions of Major League Soccer. In 2008, the Columbus Crew captured their first MLS Cup championship at The Home Depot Center in Carson, Calif., by defeating the New York Red Bulls 3-1.

For more information about MLS Cup tickets, fans should call Seattle Sounders FC for details at 877-MLS-GOAL or visit


MLS Cup 2009 – Qwest Field (Seattle, Wash.)
MLS Cup 2008 – The Home Depot Center (Carson, Calif.)
MLS Cup 2007 – RFK Stadium (Washington, D.C.)
MLS Cup 2006 – Pizza Hut Park (Frisco, Texas)
MLS Cup 2005 – Pizza Hut Park (Frisco, Texas)
MLS Cup 2004 – The Home Depot Center (Carson, Calif.)
MLS Cup 2003 – The Home Depot Center (Carson, Calif.)
MLS Cup 2002 – Gillette Stadium (Foxboro, Mass.)
MLS Cup 2001 – Columbus Crew Stadium (Columbus, Ohio)
MLS Cup 2000 – RFK Stadium (Washington, D.C.)
MLS Cup 1999 – Foxboro Stadium (Foxboro, Mass.)
MLS Cup 1998 – Rose Bowl (Pasadena, Calif.)
MLS Cup 1997 – RFK Stadium (Washington, D.C.)
MLS Cup 1996 – Foxboro Stadium (Foxboro, Mass.)

Whitecaps Residency Program could be the MLS sticking point

Reports earlier in the week from the Globe and Mail's Matthew Sekeres had the Vancouver Whitecaps winning one of the two expansion spots for the 2011 MLS season. Whitecaps President Bob Lenarduzzi joined 'Full-Time: Vancouver's Soccer Show' last Sunday and was quick to shoot that down report claiming it was premature and that the team is still in discussions with Major League Soccer. Hear the March 8 Full-Time podcast here.

Those on-going discussions with Don Garber and Major League Soccer include the fact that the current Whitecaps have developed one of the strongest and best residency programs North America. Developing talent within it's system, something the Caps don't want to lose. Lenarduzzi told Full-Time, "it is an important aspect of our club. What we are discussing with the league is their current model and how we can continue to pursue our desire to develop players."

Needless to say, it is important for the Whitecaps to continue this tradition of developing talent, look no further than their current roster. It includes numerous players that were developed in the Whitecaps residency program.

The discussions continue with the MLS. It will not be a make or break point on whether Vancouver gets in to the MLS (they are as good as in with or without this), it's just a talking point. I know the Whitecaps would love to continue the program when they make it into the MLS. Developing your own talent rather than relying on the draft or players from overseas would be a tremendous benefit and make the MLS a stronger league. So please Don Garber, take a page from the Whitecaps book and set this in motion. If other MLS clubs want to join with it, terrific, if they don't and would rather continue as is, let them.


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Canada reaches Cyprus Cup final with 2 : 0 win over Russia

Canada’s women’s national team will get the opportunity to defend their 2008 Cyprus Women's Cup title after defeating Russia 2-0 in the final group game. The Canadians were lifted past a spirited Russian side on goals from captain Christine Sinclair and Melissa Tancredi. Sinclair’s goal, the 98th of her career, moves her closer to the century mark for goals.

I know that women's soccer doesn't get a lot of attention, but Christine Sinclair has quietly been Canada's best player, period. She is closing in on 100 goals and may be able to achieve that in the final match. That is an achievement everyone should stand up and applaud.

Canada will now face England in the 12 March final.


Monday, March 9, 2009

Canada's men's U-20 team won 2-0 over Mexico

Canada's men's U-20 team won 2-0 over Mexico today in its second match at the 2009 CONCACAF Men's Under-20 Championship. Despite being forced down to 10 men in the second half, Canada rallied to score two goals in a must-win against Mexico. Randy Edwini-Bonsu scored both goals while Adam Street posted the clean sheet at Marvin Lee Stadium in Macoya, Trinidad & Tobago.

It was a huge win for Canada after losing their tournament opener.

Nice to see Whitecap Edwini-Bonsu to score a pair of goals. A lot of pressure will be on Randy when he plays for the Whitecaps this season after the Caps lost their two top scorers in Eduardo Sebrango and Nicholas Addlery in the off-season.

Canada wraps up round-robin play Wednesday against Costa Rica.
The loss was the second for Mexico and , combined with a 0-0 draw between Trinidad & Tobago and Costa Rica, eliminated the 10-time CONCACAF champion from contention. The results left Trinidad and Costa Rica atop Group B with four points each, one ahead of Canada. Mexico was last with zero points and only a match against host Trinidad & Tobago remaining on Wednesday. Canada will face Costa Rica on Wednesday with the winner advancing to the semifinals. A draw also would advance Costa Rica to the semifinals.

The top two teams in each of the two pools will advance to the tournament semifinals - and qualify for the FIFA U-20 World Cup Egypt 2009.

TFC's Rohan Ricketts joins 'Full-Time' on the TEAM 1040

Full-Time: Vancouver's Soccer Show will be joined by Toronto FC's Rohan Ricketts this Sunday, March 15th at midnight following the Canucks vs Avalanche game. Rohan will preview the upcoming season for the TFC and give us his thoughts on the David Beckham saga. We'll also get his thoughts on the Nutrilite Canadian Championships. Ricketts will also talk about his involvement in the Athletes for Africa.

Ricketts will join Tyler Green and Mike Martignago every month during the MLS season to update the listeners on TFC's performances, talk Major League Soccer and it will give Rohan a chance to rant on whatever is bothering him in the world of soccer.

It all gets going at Midnight on Sunday, March 15th following the Canucks and Avalanche game on the TEAM 1040 Sports Radio in Vancouver.

For more information visit the Full-Time show page on the TEAM 1040

Whitecaps Lose Tanzanian Trip Opener

Vancouver Whitecaps suffered a 3-0 defeat to Young Africans FC in the opening match of their historic trip to the United Republic of Tanzania on Monday.

Teitur Thordarson's side were forced to play nearly the entire match with ten men after winger Tyrell Burgess was sent off after just two minutes of the friendly contest at the 60,000-seat Benjamin Mkapa National Stadium in Dar es Salaam.

Young Africans, who are known locally as Yanga, took advantage of the extra man, as they scored twice just before halftime before sealing the win with a third goal midway through the second half.

The Whitecaps will look to rebound from Monday's defeat when they meet Yanga's arch-rivals in fellow Dar es Salaam-based outfit in Simba SC on Thursday. Thordarson's side will complete their three-match schedule when they take on Tanzania’s national team on Saturday.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Tonight on Full-Time

Big edition of Full-Time this week on the Team 1040!Tyler Green and Mike Martignago catch up with former Canadian international and CBC Soccer Analyst Jason de Vos. They'll recap the Montreal Impact's unfortunate finish in the Concacaf Champions League.

Also, the guys talk to the Globe and Mail's Matt Sekeres, who wrote this little piece yesterday...

plus we'll hear some reaction from Whitecaps President Bob Lenarduzzi.

Full-Time, Sunday nights at 10pm PT on the TEAM 1040.

Ruffneck Wear bringing the scarf to Seattle

Ruffneck Wear is a proud sponsor of "Full-Time: Vancouver's Soccer Show" and supplier of the coveted Full-Time scarf... but the boys have big plans for their scarfs in Seattle.

It's great that they are raising the bar for the spectators in the soccer market of North America. If you get a chance, check out their designs and support a fairly local (They are just down the I-5 in Seattle) company.

Visit this website here.

I was also informed that the guys at Ruffneck Wear produce the scarves you see on the south side of Swangard Stadium here in Vancouver. The scarves were made for that crazy bunch of guys and gals known as the Southsiders.

And don't forget to listen to Full-Time on the TEAM 1040 in Vancouver for your chance to win one of those Full-Time scarves.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Sounders FC Announce Spanish Language Broadcast Partner

New release from the Seattle Sounders FC

RENTON, Wash. - The Seattle Sounders FC and Bustos Media announced today that KeBuena 1210 AM (KTBK) will be the exclusive Spanish language radio broadcast partner of the team.

KeBuena will broadcast 26 of 30 regular season Sounders FC games during the 2009 MLS season, including 15-minute pre and postgame shows. KeBuena will also broadcast live from Soccer Celebration in the Qwest Field Plaza during the pregame show.

“Our partnership with KeBuena 1210 AM will further strengthen our relationship and commitment to the growing Hispanic market, an integral part of the Sounders FC fan base,” said Vulcan Sports and Entertainment CEO Tod Leiweke.

KeBuena will also produce a weekly Sounders FC radio show to air Thursday nights from
6:30-7 p.m. during the season. The first broadcast will be March 12.

“Soccer is by far the most popular sport among Hispanics and our community is going to embrace the Sounders FC,” said Amador Bustos President and CEO of Bustos Media. “Bustos Media is very proud to join Seattle sports fans in the excitement and we welcome the Sounders FC to our stations in what promises to be a great inaugural season.”

KTBK will partner with Sounders FC in several community outreach events throughout the season including soccer clinics and player appearances.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Could the Italians be coming?

We know that Chelsea will be playing Seattle Sounders FC on July 18th at Qwest Field... errr, Xbox Pitch at Qwest Field, but you might find interesting is that the Italians may be invading a pitch near you too. Rumours persist that Chelsea, along with Inter Milan, AC Milan and Club America are all set to have a mini-tournament/tour through the summer in North America.

Inter Milan have been linked to a trip to Edmonton in August for the Alberta Soccer Association's 100th anniversary.

Could a trip for one of these teams be in a city near you? When Full-Time: Vancouver's Soccer Show talked with AC Milan's Clarence Seedorf in January, he said he was looking forward to seeing Vancouver one day as he has heard it's beautiful. Could that day be sooner rather than later?

We'll keep you posted.


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Steve Nash set to bring the European Soccer stars to Vancouver

Steve Nash, part of the group that is trying to bring Major League Soccer to Vancouver has a plan for Vancouver soccer regardless of whether an MLS franchise is awarded. Nash wants to host a charity soccer game in Vancouver on Sept. 19. The match would be much like the event Nash and NBA guard Baron David and former US national team captain, Claudio Reyna did last year in New York called "Showdown in Chinatown". A game in which included both celebrities and athletes, including Barcelona's Thierry Henry, Liverpool great Robbie Fowler and Chelsea's Salomon Kalou.

Nash is hoping to bring together some of Europe's best soccer player, along with current NBA stars for an eight-on-eight game against the Vancouver Whitecaps PDL (professional development) team.

In an interview with the Canadian Press, Nash said, "We're trying to bring the world's best athletes to the street, a really grassroots level, where the fans can reach out and touch them."
The event could likely take place at Andy Livingstone Park in Vancouver BC.