Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Bosnia and Herzegovina Manager Ciro Blazevic has called up Bosnian / Canadian goalkeeper Asmir Begovic for their August 12 friendly against Iran.

My understanding of the language is extremely limited - but from what I’ve found - Begovic has said he will NOT play v. Iran.

If that is indeed the case, it probably has everything to do with his current club situation since it looks like Portsmouth have signed the previously retired Antti Niemi to back-up the soon-to-be fit David James.

Begovic would certainly be loaned out to another club.

Squad named for Iran friendly:

Nemanja Supić, Asmir Begović, Adis Nurković

Emir Spahić, Ivan Radeljić, Sanel Jahić, Damir Mirvić, Boris Pandža, Safet Nadarević, Adnan Mravac

Dario Damjanović, Samir Muratović, Elvir Rahimić, Sejad Salihović, Miralem Pjanić, Zvjezdan Misimović, Zlatan Bajramović, Senijad Ibričić, Semir Štilić

Zlatan Muslimović, Edin Džeko, Vedad Ibišević, Admir Vladavić


Anonymous said...

I'll try to translate you an interview which he gave Oslobodjenje today(Oslobodjenje can really be trusted)

-I have decided to play for Bosnia and Herzegowina.I'm not sure if I will be able to play in the Friendly in august because of some private issues,but I won't change my decision to play for Bosnia-says Begovic who has already signed a document for the FIFA in which he states that he gives up the Canadian citizenship in order to be allowed to play for BiH.

-I signed that document and I have to sign some other papers too.- explains Begovic whose interview in a Canadian radio-show in which he stated that he wants to play for Canada got much attention in Bosnia.

-It was a bit uncomfortable for me to say that I don't want to play for Canada anymore in the Radio-show because I hadn't talked with the coach and the Canadian Federation about that.I wanted them to hear it from me,and not on the Radio and that's why I said that on the Show.To be honest,I didn't expect that it would get so much attention in Bosnia.

Begovic added that he most likely won't be able to come to play in the Friendly,but that he will try at least to come an meet his new teammates.

-I'll try to to the gathering,but I'm not sure about that.As for the WCQ,I'm sure that I will come,if I get a call-up.

Most of the Bosnian fans are actually very annoyed by him,and it's quite sure that he will never become a fan favorite.

Cristian Ureta said...

This is upsetting... not because He might be/is leaving but that he has been pulling at both sides for awhile now.

Confusing... why not just face the music and state your intentions right away instead of effectively lying to both sides' media in the last couple of weeks?

These defections (Hargreaves, DeGuzman, Begovic) are nothing more than players choosing to play for a side that will make the WC Finals tournament, I fear it may not have anything to do with an allegiance to countries anymore.

Anonymous said...

Bosnians Are NOT Annoyed! he's a good player and he is my favorite already! Asmir Je Naj Naj Naj!