Monday, July 13, 2009

BEGOVIC: “I don’t want to switch...”

Portsmouth Goalkeeper Asmir Begovic joined us on Full-Time last night. It sounds like he wants what most fans want: some organization at the CSA and an idea of who (Stephen Hart) will be guiding the Canadian Men’s National Team to (hopefully) the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

You can listen to our conversation here and itunes users can sign up for the podcast here.

Below is a brief rundown of his comments:

On Canada v. Bosnia… “I’ve played for Canada for a long time. There’s no decision, I don’t want to switch… but there is a state of uncertainty with Canada soccer (next coach, etc). Get things in place and I’m happy to stay with Canada, that’s where I see my future… I’ve been approached by Bosnia. There were talks… but I have no intention on playing for Bosnia.”

On coaching situation / Stephen Hart… “Stephen Hart is a very likeable guy. He has a great respect from the players. But the uncertainty concerns many players. Hopefully he stays on… Hart told me I’m in his plans for the future… Which I’m happy with.”

A firm commitment to Canada when things get cleared up?... “Yes… this isn’t a threat or an ultimatum. Myself and some of the other guys just want to know what’s going on. We can really build on our squad and succeed.”

Any pressure from either side?... “The CSA has been really good… no pressure – I would never make a decision without speaking to the CSA. Bosnia – there’s been a lot of speculation, pressure/heat from them. If I was to make a decision, it can’t be made that quickly... I don’t want to change... it’s not really an issue right now.”

Other comments include… “I have never had a problem playing for Canada… there shouldn’t be a change”… and “I’ve been following the Gold Cup. This squad has a lot of potential. Hopefully they can go all the way and make a statement.”



Anonymous said...

Nemoras. Nebih ni ja ... Ostani u Kanadi, bar ces se naigrati nogometa. U Bosni, neces ni klupe vidjeti od onih lopova. Pozdrav iz Vermonta

Anonymous said...

Yeah because we all know how great Canada is when it comes to soccer. What a retarded comment from a person before me.

Asmir Begovic changed his sport citizenship and he's now one of the goalies for his home country, the way its supposed to be.

You guys are so gullible.. Asmir played this like a smart guy should, he created a buzz about staying in Canada so he could get the Bosnian fans to pressure the NSBIH to get him. :) It worked like a charm. Did some of you really think he was gonna stay in Canada in empty fucking stadiums? LOL.