Tuesday, June 16, 2009


We talked about it on Sunday evenings show. In Canada, Montreal, Toronto and even Edmonton have gotten in the mix to host or play against international competition, while Seattle and Portland, just south of the border have also booked international clubs. The one city that is absent is Vancouver. It's disappointing that Vancouver has yet to announce an date against an international club. I for one would love to see the Whitecaps, or perhaps just two other teams, play against a European league team. It gives fans the opportunity to watch teams that they usually only get to see on television, never live and in person.

With Vancouver getting an MLS franchise in 2011, it's almost a certainty that Vancouver and BC Place will be hosting very big international friendlies, just look at Seattle this season, but it's disappointing that nothing is happening here in Vancouver. Even Portland is getting into the mix by playing Bayern Munich's reserve squad and newly promoted English Premier League side Burnley FC.

Bob Lenarduzzi told Full-Time earlier this season, "We currently do not have any plans for an international game", but that was earlier in the season, perhaps something is on the burner now. If Vancouver doesn't have anything on the burner, here's a brief list of some of the entertaining events happening close to Vancouver and across Canada:

Seattle v Chelsea - July 18th
Seattle v Barcelona - August 5th

Portland v Bayern Munich II - July 2nd
Portland v Burnley FC - July 25th

Everton v River Plate - July 25th

Toronto v River Plate - July 22nd
Toronto v Real Madrid - August 7th

Haitian National Team v Syrian National Team - June 27th
Haitian National Team v Impact – July 1st
Syrian National Team v Impact – Jul 8th
(Champions Trophy) – EA Guingamp v FC Girondins de Bordeaux - July 25th
Montreal v FC Girondins de Bordeaux - July 28th
Montreal v CA River Plate - August 4th

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