Tuesday, June 2, 2009


For a new segment on "Full-Time" called "MLS Corners", I had the chance to catch up with Houston Dynamo goalkeeper Pat Onstad. Onstad is also a former Canadian goalkeeper. Now when I say former, I'm not trying to push Pat into national retirement, he's done that himself. When asked whether he would take a call to represent Canada at the Gold Cup this summer, Onstad responded by saying, "I can't see that happening anymore, if the coach did that he might get into a little bit of trouble". Which means he's not expecting a call from the Stephen Hart. Pat went on to say, "I think I'm done with the National team, but it's been a fantastic ride and I've enjoyed every minute of it". So there you have it, the Canada number 1 job is up for grabs, although it would seem that Lars Hirschfeld has that spot wrapped up right now. I've written about the potential replacements before, and now it would appear that those replacement can now fight it out in the years to come.

In other news, despite the fact that he would be 43 in 2011, Onstad said he would love the opportunity to play in Vancouver, "At this stage it would be pretty surprising, but it would be great to finish up in Vancouver, but a little unrealistic."

To listen to the interview, tune in to Full-Time: Vancouver's Soccer Show this Sunday, June 7th at 10pm PT on TEAM 1040am.

MLS Corners is a new feature on Full-Time that will dive into the world of the MLS. With Vancouver entertaining the MLS in 2011, we decided that we should get the fans of the game up to date with some of the players around the league. You will hear from the likes of veteran players like Pat Onstad and Kansas City Wizards defender Jimmy Conrad and young players like Columbus' Eddie Gaven. Plus those currently building an MLS team, like Peter Nowak in Philadelphia.

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