Thursday, June 25, 2009


Just reading the LA Times blog on the death of Michael Jackson, and was surprised to find the comments of LA Sol and Canadian International goalkeeper Karina LeBlanc.

She apparently lives a block away from Jackson's place.

From the LA Times...

Karina LeBlanc, 29, a member of the Los Angeles soccer team Sol, who lives a block from Jackson’s Bel-Air house, said she drives by every day on her way to practice.

She said she saw Jackson once as he and his entourage were arriving at the house. LeBlanc said she heard helicopters hovering above the neighborhood this afternoon and turned on her TV to find out what was going on.

She said she was deeply saddened by the news. She said her soccer team always listened to his music before a game, particularly the song “Man in the Mirror.”

“He’s got the beat,” she said. “His music is so riveting and inspiring.”

She said the news was especially distressing because Jackson had gone through such a tough time in recent years. Still, it was hard to believe that he was dead, she said.

The death of the "king of pop" is certainly very sad news.

But my question is, what are the Los Angeles Sol / WPS paying LeBlanc?

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Anonymous said...

A few of the team members are renting a house, women soccer players do not get paid a lot because they are not men and its still a man's world!