Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Big Clubs to Visit Edmonton

While we've heard of the likes of Real Madrid and Bordeaux visiting Toronto and Montreal, it appears some more big-time clubs will be coming to Canada.

After failing to nail down Inter Milan for their 100th anniversary, it looks like the Alberta Soccer Association has an agreement with three clubs to play in Edmonton's Commonwealth stadium.

Everton of the Barclays Premier League will play an Argentinian club (believed to be River Plate) on July 25th.

That game is scheduled just days before the Toffees meet the MLS All-Stars in Utah.

But bigger news has Juventus potentially meeting River on August 8th at Commonwealth.

See also here and here.

According to juworld.net, Juve will also play River Plate in Toronto on August 5th.

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Anonymous said...

Great news for Edmonton. It seems like there are a ton of teams travelling this year, why aren't any coming to Vancouver?