Monday, December 27, 2010

Full Time Boxing Day Spot Kicks 2/3

On the Boxing Day edition of Full Time: Vancouver's Soccer Show, Producer Corey Basso whipped up another batch of "Spot Kicks", but not just any ordinary spotkicks!

3 distinct categories. Striker of the year? Nah. Strating XI of the year? Nope. Best Goal of 2010? Not a chance.

You decide!

Player that most resembles an animal!

Gareth Bale & The Sock Monkey puppet

Nuff said.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic & an Anteater

Number one Hitman in Serie A & UCL for Milan. Number one vermin extractor in the humid forests of South America.

Wayne Rooney & Shrek

Shrek's not an animal...but close enough for this arguement!

Part 3 continues!

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Anonymous said...

Gareth Bale = Peter Pan!