Monday, December 27, 2010

Full Time Boxing Day Spot Kicks 1/3

On the Boxing Day edition of Full Time: Vancouver's Soccer Show, Producer Corey Basso whipped up another batch of "Spot Kicks", but not just any ordinary spotkicks!

3 distinct categories. Striker of the year? Nah. Strating XI of the year? Nope. Best Goal of 2010? Not a chance.

You decide!

Worst Kit! (pictures above)

Chelsea's 3rd European kits aka "Total Recall"

Follow the same neon bright colour Chelsea's former kits do...but this one is eerily similar to the menu screen on my Total Recall Dvd!

Everton's Away kit aka "Pink highlighter kit"

Resembles the pink highlighters we use in the TEAM Radio studios. Also, an away kit. Not a 3rd an away. Everton fans have to see these at every away match. Yeeesh!

Inter's Away kit aka "Enter the dragon"

They pulled the treble last year! They couldn't have sprung for better kits? My god..original, yes....originally terrible!

Part 2 continues!

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