Friday, March 13, 2009

Whitecaps to Get MLS Expansion Team as Soon as Wednesday

TEAM 1040 has learned that MLS officials will be in Vancouver next week to announce that Vancouver is one of two organizations that will be awarded a 2011 expansion franchise.

Meanwhile, in an interview with the NY Times, MLS Commissioner Don Garber says:

Q: You had questions concerning the level of potential fan support in Miami. Does the success in Seattle and Toronto create unrealistic expectations about the interest new teams can realistically hope to receive?

A: The success of Seattle and Toronto is helping drive interest from new investors. In this environment, to go into a new market that hadn’t really shown the same energy that we’re seeing in Vancouver and Portland, for example, wasn’t worth the risk. I think I got one email from a fan after we announced we weren’t going forward in Miami. One email! I’m not saying we won’t look at Miami at some point in the future, but when you have to narrow it down to two cities, you go with the ones you think will be most successful. That’s ultimately what we’re coming down to as we race to announce our next two teams.

The result:
Word is that Garber will make the official MLS announcement on Tuesday in front of all the U.S. Media (and Canadians that have made the trek down the I-5) in Seattle and then come up to Vancouver for Wednesday to do a press conference for the media that didn't make it down.

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