Sunday, March 22, 2009

CONTEST: We have a winner(s)!!

We had this question on the radio show... now we are bringing it to the blog. The question is: Who was the first ever Whitecaps goalscorer? ... email us at and we'll make a draw with all the correct answers...

hint... It was in their 1st season and like Bobby Lenarduzzi, he wore the short shorts...

Email your answer along with the following information:

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We have a winner in our contest... a couple of them in fact. The answer is: Neil Ellett. he scored the first goal against the San Jose Earthquakes back on May 4th, 1974. Congrats to the winners.

A lot of people suggested Dominic Mobilio and Carl Valentine, but the Whitecaps history starts before those two players hit the pitch for the 'Caps.

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