Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What I predict the Whitecaps can do, not what they will do...

This is all just speculation, but here's what I can see the Whitecaps doing with regards to their Residency Program. As mentioned before, Whitecaps President Bob Lenarduzzi told Full-Time, "it is an important aspect of our club. What we are discussing with the league is their current model and how we can continue to pursue our desire to develop players."

I know the Whitecaps would like to keep their Residency Program. At this, the MLS doesn't have anything in place that would support it, so in order to get into the MLS, they may have to get rid of it. But would they actually get rid of it? Here's what I see happening in my hair-brained scheme... Victoria will move into the USL-1 in 2011, taking over the spot previously held by the Vancouver Whitecaps, and in doing so, will also take control of the residency program (although still run by the same group of people that had been controlling it before).

Both the Victoria Highlanders FC and Vancouver Whitecaps FC would benefit, building talent from within while growing soccer in the province of BC. The model is obviously working, just look how many Whitecaps were on the U-20 Canadian squad. So there's my hair-brained scheme. Would it work? who knows... but it's worth exploring.

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