Thursday, November 18, 2010

Random Whitecaps FC / Robbie Savage Rumour

Because we on Full-Time enjoy random Whitecaps FC rumours, especially those involving the Designated Players... here's another one to add to the list. Current Derby County Midfielder Robbie Savage.

Let's piece it together. Savage is a 36-year old midfielder. He has a style that in 2008, the Daily Mail labelled him as the dirtiest player in Premier League history, based on numbers of yellow cards received, though he has since been surpassed as the player with the most Premier League yellow cards by Lee Bowyer. Which would certainly excite the hockey fan in this Canadian market.

Savage, as mentioned, currently plays for Derby County. His contract expires at the end of this current season in 2011. Derby County is partially owned (or an investor) by Jeff Mallett. Mallett is also one of the owners of the Vancouver Whitecaps.

The final straw in this tale comes from Robbie Savage himself via the Twitter. Who wrote, "What's Vancouver like tweeps!!"

There you have it. Robbie Savage, a future Whitecap!!

And seriously, who doesn't want this man playing for your club.

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