Sunday, November 28, 2010

Full Time: Vancouver's Soccer Show - November 28 Show & Podcast

Full Time: Vancouver's Soccer Show new podcast is up!
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On a very Vancouver Whitecaps heavy show, Tyler Green is joined by Goalkeeper Jay Nolly, Defender Wes Knight, Winger Phil Davies & new goalkeeping signing Joe Cannon.

Tyler also welcomes Paul Attfield from the Globe & Mail for a little on-the-pitch TFC talk.

Marc Rizzardo from Metrotown Physio also drops in to diagnose some of the soccer world's most prominent injuries!

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Phil Davies - Midfielder - Vancouver Whitecaps FC
- Very proud to be first Canadian signed to MLS whitecaps
- considering passing game to be his biggest attribute
- Jay nolly has great leadership
- Wes knight has great speed and attacking skills
- believes hard work will only help him learn and improve

Jay Nolly - Goalkeeper - Vancouver Whitecaps FC
- views consistency as his strngest asset
-does lots of mental prep for games
- views Cannon as superior to him
- welcomes the competition for starting keeper
- believes the competitiong for keeper will pish them harder for the team
- will be able to learn lots from Joe Cannon
- Cannon is an established game keeper
- Wes Knight is very versatile
- Phil Davies is very impessive for his age
- Jay Demerit brings leadership
- wants to stay healthy and keep training hard

Wes Knight - Defense - Vancouver Whitecaps FC
- had lots of offers and interest but felt Vancouver was his homer
- has developed and got great experience at Whitecaps
- views his work ethic as his best asset
- hard work always pays off... never give up!
- Nolly has confidence and lots of people supporting him
- Phil Davies still has his best to come; mature far beyond his years
- Demerit is a great addition
- views himself as his own competition
- Physio will be imporant to rehabilitate his injured shoulder
- wants to bulk up for MLS physically
- Likes the white whitecaps jersy...over the blue one...

Joe Cannon - Goalkeeper - Vancouver Whitecaps FC
- excited to establish himself up here in Vancouver
- whitecaps seems like a very professional organization
- views his Vancouver expiernce as a new experience and challenge
- wants to prove himself
- believes there is compeition where ever you go in sports

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