Sunday, October 10, 2010

Full-Time: Vancouver's Soccer Show - October 10th

Full-Time: Vancouver's Soccer Show returned this week to recap the Vancouver Whitecaps playoff series victory against the Portland Timbers. We re-capped the series with Whitecaps head coach Teitur Thordarson and Province Newspaper reporter Marc Weber. The Whitecaps move on to face Puerto Rico now in the semi-finals. For a complete written breakdown of the match, click here

Full-Time also connected with regular contributor Marc Rizzardo of Metrotown Physio with his usual injury report.

An ESPN 30 for 30 film that is creating a lot of buzz is The Two Escobars. Director Jeff Zimbalist joined us to speak about his film. The interesting story of drug kingpin Pablo Escobar and Columbian National Team member Andres Escobar.

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Anonymous said...

I thought The Two Escobars was brilliant, good pick VIFF!