Monday, May 11, 2009

Throwing dangerous items at games... DON'T DO IT!!

Okay, so this isn't really to rag on Toronto FC or Vancouver Canucks fans, but fans in general. Game 5, Vancouver Canucks are losing and the game is just about over, except idiot fans have decided that they need to throw bottles onto the ice. It really just made it worse and there is no need for that whatsoever. Someone in a row lower than yours may get hit with that water bottle. Would you like your five year old kid to get hit with a water bottle or projectile? I didn't think so.

Part two, Vancouver Whitecaps playing against Toronto FC at BMO Field. If you watched the game on Sportsnet and have it PVR'd, taped whatever, go to Martin Nash's corner kick at 91:40 to 91:41 on the Sportsnet clock. Nash taking the corner kick and here comes a full (what appears to be Gatorade) bottle thrown at Nash, hitting the signs behind him and exploding. Nash got the spray. TFC fans alway wonder why they get blamed for being "Hooligans", these are the reasons why. I know it's not the U Sector or the Red Batch Boys, but idiots in one section, give everyone a bad reputation.

So again, this isn't to TFC fans or Canucks fans. It's fans in general, don't throw stuff that can be dangerous. I'm all for throwing streamers and waving flags and having a general loud and good time. But think when you decide it's time to throw an object that may hurt your 5 year old son, daughter, nephew, niece. If you wouldn't throw something that might harm them, then don't throw it at anyone else.

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