Thursday, May 7, 2009

Three Lions Cafe Review

First impressions are great, but if they don't measure up after a second visit and you likely won't get a third. That was my attitude when I stepped into a new "gastropub" in Broadway called the Three Lions Cafe. Built around the idea that there actually is good authentic English cuisine that you can enjoy eating while watching some English Premier League soccer on the television. The interior is a bit of a contrast, dark wood interior, lighter wood tables (locally purchased) with a few dark walls, but floor to ceiling windows on two sides of Three Lions brightens it up nicely. pictures of classic soccer moment also adorn the walls to give it that soccer feel. A great bar in one corner with a small tv overhead for those bar sitters and a large screen tv on the other side provides the rest of the Cafe with the soccer action they crave.

After the first visit, enjoying a nice local beer and the fish fingers, I along with my co-host Mike Martignago decided that it needed a second visit. The fish fingers were delicious by the way. A nice lightly battered white fish served with chips and three types of tartar sauce. Worth having for a nice light to filling snack on the late afternoon menu.

A second visit for dinner provided the chance to try two dishes, the Bangers and Mash and the Pie and Mash. Both were extremely tasty while at the same time providing that stick to ribs feelings of a terrific meal. The mash was terrific, some of the best I can honestly remember. The pie was terrific, filled with meat and vegetables, it definitely is a must-order. The Bangers were served on a massive flatted yorkshire pudding and gives new meaning to eating your plate clean.

Two visits and a couple positive reviews, so really it was a must to try the Traditional English Breakfast: two eggs (scrambled), two slices of bacon, grilled tomatoes, grilled mushrooms, hash browns, baked beans, toast and Lincolnshire sausage. I have to admit, I avoided the beans as I don't enjoy them much. The breakfast was fantastic. Filling and delicious. The best part, not having to make my own breakfast while I watched the match on television.

I have to admit, I have been back many more times and I would suggest the same. It's a fantastic place to head for a beer after work or a full blown meal and definitely a place to watch the game, I can't wait for the Champions League final between Manchester United and Barcelona and watch it at Three Lions.

The owners are Ryan and Simon. Ryan, a Manchester United fan, will be excited about the final. Simon, a Chelsea fan, will probably still be upset about the semi-final game.

Enjoy your experience at Three Lions Cafe and let me know what you think.

Rating: Atmosphere: 5 out of 5 / Food: 4 1/2 out of 5

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