Thursday, August 28, 2008

Jonathan de Guzman & the big "What if"

Wenger and Arsenal are apparently sniffing around Feyenoord to see if there is a possibility of bringing in Jonathan de Guzman to help solidify the Gunners midfield. The move however, will likely not happen this summer, according to de Guzman's agent Jan de Visser, "I don't expect a transfer of Jonathan this summer," he said. "The price that Feyenoord ask for him is too much for the interested clubs. And the closer you come to the end of the transfer window, the more expensive he will get."

de Visser doesn't believe that any team is willing to spend the reported £12 million that it will cost to bring JvG in. Arsenal is a team though that has money to spend and a depleted midfield after losing both Gilberto and Mathieu Flamini, so we'll see what happens to the Dutch/Canadian player.

Now for the big "WHAT IF"... I still feel disappointed that de Guzman chose Oranje instead of Red and White. Can you imagine the scary midfield that Canada could have had with de Guzman (squared alongside brother Julian) with current Manchester United and England midfielder Owen Hargreaves, plus de Rosario. People wouldn't be talking about Canada as a team that may get the 3rd spot in CONCACAF, instead they would be talking about how Canada is one of 'THE' countries to beat to get in instead of Canada. Hopefully de Guzman is the last player that chooses another country to play for. On the other hand, I've said it before, if I were de Guzman or Hargreaves and were eligible for a call-up from one of the "big" countries (I am still eligible to play for Germany in case Joachim Löw is reading this and in need of a mediocre midfielder) and the coach did phone me to put on the National team shirt for one of the footballing powers, I would have to take that call seriously and I too, might turn my back on Canada. I'm sure not any of players would say this, but I think a lot of it is all about winning, and I suppose many of the players would rather win than represent, not all, but if they had the opportunity, many would.


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