Sunday, August 24, 2008

Dale Mitchell would rather not play in Toronto

Canada's National Mens soccer Head Coach Dale Mitchell was disappointed about his squads result, a 1 goal draw with Jamaica in the 2010 World Cup qualifying round, but he was more noticeably upset with the turf at BMO Field, Speaking with the TEAM 1040 Sports Radio in Vancouver, Mitchell is happy that Canada's soccer squad won't be in Toronto again this year, "I'm please that we're not going to play on it again during this qualification around in 2008". Mitchell thinks the ball bounces around too much and hopes that Canada doesn't again, "I hope we don't in 2009, I don't think it's a good surface". Mitchell went on to say that he has seen a lot of Toronto FC's games over the last two seasons and thinks that they (TFC) don't play at the same quality as they do when they play on natural grass.

With the transfer of Maurice Edu to Rangers in Scotland, Mitchell is hopeful that they can put those transfer funds towards a better pitch at BMO Field, "I'm hopeful over time they can change the surface in Toronto because they have everything else in place in terms of having a great MLS franchise".

You can hear Dale's comments tonight on Full Time, the football show at 9pm on the TEAM 1040 in Vancouver.

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Beautifulgamer said...

The pitch is the same for both teams and down the road could even prove a big advantage for Canadian teams attempting to qualify. For me the turf issue distracts too much from the performance issues surrounding both Canada and TFC. The big story for me is Canada not getting the critical three points against Jamaica. Same goes for TFC - who in my mind should be focusing more on a play-off spot than on the turf. Re TFC/MLS - in what other league in the world do you see a team transfering one of their best players (Edu) in the middle of the season - during a play-off run - and then saying they'll use the money to buy a field rather than new players? It's absurd. So - while it is an issue - the turf is really more of red herring. Canada and TFC have other fish to fry.