Friday, November 6, 2009

More soccer on the radio

A change in format means more soccer on the radio airwaves in Vancouver. The TEAM 1040 has been broadcasting the early English Premier League game on Saturday mornings and one of the 7am PT time games. Now, with the change of format, TEAM 1410 will broadcast those games that don't make the 1040 airwaves. Including both Sunday games and the late game on Saturday. This weekend, catch the following:

TEAM 1040am

Saturday, 6:50am PT: Premiership Football - Tottenham v Sunderland

TEAM 1410am

Saturday, 9:00am PT: Premiership Football - Wolves v Arsenal

Sunday, 5:30am PT: Premiership Football - Hull City v Stoke City

Sunday, 8:00 PT: Premiership Football - Chelsea v Manchester United

In addition to the English Premier League broadcast on both stations, Champions league soccer will also be broadcast throughout the season.

For full details, check out TEAM Radio

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