Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Montreal v Vancouver

Okay, so I've been getting a bit of stick for saying prior to the post-season kicking off that I didn't think the Whitecaps were going to be around very long in the USL-1 the playoffs. I freely admit that I thought they would have been out in the first round. I did offer this though, "I hope the Whitecaps prove me wrong and make a run." And so they have, all the way to the final, and I have been getting the comments ever since, including some of the players and staff of the Whitecaps giving me a bit of a hard time. Now as we prepare for the 2nd leg of the final, the Whitecaps are down by a goal and looking to make it back to back championships. Standing in the way, are the Montreal Impact. Surprisingly, I made this prediction in my season preview and in the April edition of Free Kick Magazine. The key phrase, "If the Impact can put it all together, Montreal will be a strong candidate for 2009 USL-1 Champions" and low and behold, they may be crowned champions in just a few short days. Ofcourse, I never would say I told you so, as I admit I am wrong as much as I am right... but I do like the fact that I did predict Montreal would do well. In that same issue and in this preview, I do say that the Whitecaps have no hope of title glory and they will have a struggle during the season. So while I was right on the Impact, partially right on the 'Caps, it should be a tremendous final leg on Saturday. The best part, regardless of which teams wins, is that a Canadian team will claim the title.

On a side note, Rohan Ricketts told me at the start of the season that "I would bet my house that we'll be in the playoffs." Can I still claim that he owes me a house if they miss the playoffs or because he's no longer with the team, it's sorta null and void?


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