Monday, August 31, 2009


Well, it appears to be settled. He's a liar.

I've mentioned this on the show a number of times, he isn't picking up our calls / returning messages.

The unfortunate part is that he was such a polite liar. And by that I mean he really sold it. Talking about the future of the squad, potential teammates, qualifying, etc.

Of course we got into the situation with Stephen Hart (essentially saying - he stays, I play). Could this mean Begovic knows that Hart will not be named the permanent coach?...

Or is he just a flat-out liar?

** Thanks for the link to the photo!

PS. That doesn't say Canada on his chest.


Anonymous said...

I can identify with Asmir and his dillema. He wasn't going to announce his departure on a radio show. He kind of did the right thing in talking to the CSA first otherwise god knows how long the process of switching might have taken.

I have the same background as Asmir. I am both Bosnian and Canadian and if I had to choose I would have done same. That is my most memorable memory of my country of birth. Playing football and loving it.

For a country that has gone through so much and so many kids meeting the same fate and being displaced. If you had a chance to offer a glimmer of hope to all those people. To make a young country like Bosnia proud.

It would be very hard to reject your inner child.

Anonymous said...

Okay... well when requested for an interview, either turn it down or don't lie.

If he had stayed quiet, I think the hate would be less.

To say "I don't want to switch..." and then do so is just stupidity at its best.

Anonymous said...

I think Asmir is really does not know what he wants.

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