Thursday, February 19, 2009

Want to own a soccer team?

The future of the world's only football club owned by an online community, Ebbsfleet United, will be in serious doubt unless 3,000 people subscribe on Thursday.

On 19 February 2008 the English Conference club were purchased by but a year on the majority of the site's 32,000 annual memberships are up for renewal and numbers are dwindling.

The website's creator Will Brooks told The Guardian: "I would like to see 4-5,000. I would expect a couple of hundred every day for the next 10 days after that and then I think we're in a relatively strong position - we've got a foundation and some breathing space. But, if it's less than 3,000 today, we've got some decisions to make."

"If the model doesn't fund the club going forward, then I wouldn't call it a success. It will be a one-off, something that won't be repeated," admits Brooks.

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Full-Time: Vancouver's Soccer Show owns part of the club...

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