Monday, January 26, 2009

Things we like...

There are certain things that Mike and I (Tyler) like... these include quality soccer, good beer, great tv... and if you can combine all these things into one, then even better. Here are some examples of things we like:

Setanta Sports... providing Vancouver (and Canada) with the best TV coverage of the English Premier League around. You can find them at

Ruffneck Scarves... trying to keep warm, especially this year has been difficult, but with a terrific scarf with your favourite soccer team on it... or perhaps even a Full-Time scarf... visit them at

We also like to drink and eat... and we found a great new place up the street from the radio station called "The Three Lions Cafe"... owned by Simon and Ryan, they offer some of the best bistro/pub food around and some of the better import beers you can find around town too... plus it's awesome that they are just around the corner from work and where we do the show from... they don't have a website yet, but you can visit them at:
1 East Broadway at the corner of Ontario Street in Vancouver. I (Tyler) like the Fish Fingers a lot... which is funny, because fish don't have fingers (bad joke)... but it's terrific, so is the Hanger Steak and Chips. They are brand new, so check them out and tell them that the boys from Full-Time sent you...

Finally, Rohan Ricketts will be on the show on Sunday night and we've managed to acquire (he gave us a bunch of free stuff, like hats and shirts, etc) things that we are going to give away on the show... but you can learn more about Rohan at

More stuff we like to come...

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