Monday, December 15, 2008

Full-Time's Champions League Draw

Last night on Full-Time, Vancouver's Soccer Show, Tyler and I made soccer/football history by drawing the teams LIVE, ON THE AIR, for the knockout round of matches for the UEFA Champions League.

The results were shocking to say the least, with some mouth-watering (Full-Time's word of the day) matchups for the next phase.

While I said we made football history (I like to exaggerate), we're confident that you won't even need to watch or listen to this Friday's draw... because our results are 100% correct.

Thus, the matchups drawn include:

Juventus - Arsenal

Panathinaikos - Villarreal

Bayern Munich - Real Madrid

Liverpool - Lyon

Manchester United - Atletico Madrid

AS Roma - Sporting Lisbon

FC Porto - Chelsea

Barcelona - Inter Milan

After the completion of the formal draw, we'll have no problem accepting any awards and accolades.



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