Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Whitecaps in the USL Final this Sunday

The excitement is building for the Whitecaps playing in the USL Final on Sunday afternoon. Puerto Rico has shown that they are a class team not only in the USL but also in the CONCACAF Champions League. A win for the Whitecaps would be tremendous not only for the city and the team moving forward as the 'Caps attempt to move into the MLS for 2011, but also for the game in Canada and showing that yes, a Canadian team with Canadian players can be good. Montreal, who lost of Vancouver in the Semi-Finals are now concentrating on their CONCACAF Champions League group. A group in which they lead. Montreal is also showing what Canadian talent can do, in the USL and also in the CCL tournament against the best club teams from various CONCACAF countries. Montreal and Vancouver are proving that Canadians can play the game, and hopefully that translates to the National squad coached by Dale Mitchell. If only Toronto F.C. could get their act together and maybe this country might start to build up from the grassroots and clubs. Only time will tell, but with the success that Vancouver and Montreal are having right now, let's hope that they don't change their tune when the MLS comes calling.

written by Tyler Green

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